The Coccapane Estate lies at the heart of the Emilia Romagna region in which art, territory and enogastronomy are one. Towns are dotted along the Via Emilia as it weaves its way through a picturesque landscape of vineyards and farmhouses. It’s as if the ancient beauty of the towns is linked to the lasting work of man.
We feel that valuing the territory signilies protecting its identity and preserving its very essence. in this light the project linked to the Coccapane Estate has, from the very beginning aimed at interpreting the territory, thus creating a grape growing area of exceptional quality.

cultivating sustainability

We have always had a strong ethical approach, fully respecting nature with the hope of leaving our children with a better environment in the future.
Our strong ties to the territory have motivated us to maintain Unchanged our farming way of life. We apply a sustainable approach, made up of experience, technology and organisation. The close ties with the territory have led us to maintain unchanged this lifestyle, transfonning every single row of vines into an expression of our profound respect for the land and all around it.
Catalogue printed on untreated paper.

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