In the heart of Emilia Romagna, the top region of Italian gastronomy, on the sun drenched and ventilated slopes around Castel San Pietro, grow our 30 ha of vines. Since 2000 our business has been characterized by the most profound respect for the territory, for tradition and for work. An experience covering three generations, a workmanship of the highest quality with a focus on innovation in order to produce a quality product of rural authenticity which has given rise to the Coccapane line.

Tenuta Coccapane Wine Collection

In the words of Mario Soldati “Wine is the poetry of the earth”

When one first encounters a wine, to taste and savour, it is necessary to allow oneself to be carried away by its colours, surprising aromas and the infinite variety of flavours it suggests.
One needs to imagine the hand and mind that over time nurtured it until it took on the identity and character which is now filling the glass.

Finally it is important to trace the diverse origins of the vines and how they ended up on these hills.

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